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Our product world BlueRange combines everything that is needed for complex (IoT) end-to-end solutions in the field of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Mesh applications, e.g. asset tracking, building automation, lighting management and more. The BlueRange technology itself is first and foremost a wireless digital infrastructure, a protocol based on Bluetooth, detached from applications. Depending on the requirements, different use cases are mapped.

The backbone of BlueRange is published as an open-source version (FruityMesh) under the GPL license on GitHub. The mesh protocol offers significantly higher energy efficiency and higher data throughput than comparable protocols, such as the official Bluetooth Mesh of the Bluetooth SIG. Nevertheless, BlueRange is fully compatible with standard Bluetooth devices.

A smart building with sensors and actuators that communicate and control each other naturally and autonomously becomes a reality with BlueRange - "No Wire" is not longer merely a vision. The same applies to automated systems for real time location system, asset tracking and inventory management.

The Challenge

The Challenge

With the inception of BlueRange, Bluetooth technology could only establish direct peer-to-peer connections with the associated disadvantages such as limited reliability. As early as 2015, the BlueRange team recognized the enormous potential of an efficient low-energy mesh solution.

Since then, the goal has been to control several Bluetooth-enabled devices in a network together. Provided the necessary efficiency, this offers an inexhaustible potential of use cases, i.e. the solution for a multitude of diverse challenges in different industries.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Based on a master thesis, a highly efficient BLE mesh was developed which turned formerly unidirectionally communicating Bluetooth beacons into intelligent and bidirectionally communicating Smart Beacons. By means of a scatternet mesh method in combination with a directed acyclic graph, BlueRange is able to communicate more efficiently than with the common Flooding Mesh method.

Based on the device management platform, the complete fleet management of the registered mesh devices can be mapped. A comprehensive administration of individual devices and configuration of firmware and software versions, positions, policies, regulations and entire networks is possible. Based on this mesh data infrastructure, various applications have been developed.

BlueRange Asset Tracking / Real Time Location System

BlueRange Asset Tracking / Real Time Location System determines the position of asset tags, i.e. all conceivable objects in the digitalized space based on the signal strength of the received messages through real-time triangulation.

Lightning Management

Bidirectional communication allows sensor values to be received and control commands to be sent. This resulted in the connection of luminaires into the mesh system which deliver their current consumption and brightness values and can be controlled and regulated via app.

Workspace Management / Building Automation

Sensors and actuators form the basis for building control and building automation. By linking modules and components like presence detectors and lights, temperature sensors, CO2 sensors or air conditioning and blinds via BlueRange Mesh, a building can be controlled. The current and historical status of the network participants is also recorded and documented at any time.

Of course, BlueRange-ready devices work perfectly in conjunction with BacNet/IP(TM) and KNX(R) devices.

BACnet(TM) is a trademark of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). KNX(R) is registered by



  • Since 2015
  • Markets
  • Lighting Industry, Building Automation, Asset Tracking
  • Highlights
  • Lighting Management Installation at Cube Berlin, Building Automation Installation at ZigZag in Mainz
  • Technologies
  • C/C++, Bluetooth Low Enegergy

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