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Complex, Highly Available and Scalable on the Inside - Intuitive and Error-Free on the Outside

mway - relution - bluerange
mway - relution - bluerange
mway - relution - bluerange

Where others see problems, we see the opportunity to create an innovative product that brings real benefits to our customers. We are also pleased to have grown from a service provider to a close partner with our logistics tracking platform in a continuously evolving project.

'It all started with a consulting assignment. The goal was to create an intuitive and error-free app. From this job grew a close collaboration in which we not only implemented several apps, but also the backend connected to them - as part of a tracking system that plays a central role in our client\'s corporate logic'.

The Problem

The Problem

Just-in-time delivery is the magic word, the high art of modern logistics. It ensures the minimum possible use of available space and effective delivery flows. The challenge: Scheduling deliveries precisely so that production never comes to a standstill. For this to succeed, all processes must be interlinked so that every delay can be reacted to quickly. An end-to-end monitoring system is needed that covers all individual steps. The goal of our client: digitalize, digitally optimize and control all processes in order to be able to react quickly to deviations and delays.

The Solution

The Solution

Our jointly developed solution: a highly complex, integrated, digital tracking system that captures and simplifies all delivery and transfer processes and makes them available in a central high-performance, scalable and highly available backend for immediate reconciliation. The entire supply chain with all events can be depicted digitally. Information is fed into the system primarily via several apps that identify and check their data partly by OCR and AI algorithms. Interfaces allow the exchange of information with a transport management system and SAP for accounting and inventory.

The Process:

The basic project idea emerged from a research process and some initial evaluation. MWAY jumped on board in 2017 for a UX consultancy where the task was to design one of the planned apps in such a way that it would be as intuitive as possible from the user’s point of view.

As part of this collaboration, we also took on the programming of the app - and in 2018, we were not only entrusted with the creation of additional apps, but also with the development of the backend and its administration interface.

In the meantime, we are working on the project in a consulting and implementation function together with three to four other teams from all over the world. Due to the modular structure of all components, they can each be managed by different teams.



  • Customer
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Market
  • Logistics
  • Technology
  • Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, Java, Angular 8, Flutter
  • Highlights
  • Highly performant, scalable and highly available backend (Cloud), intuitive user guidance in the apps, data validation through OCR and KI algorighms

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