Mobile Device Management with Relution
Platform-Independent and Secure Device Management - Convenient and Reliable in Use

The digitalization of society and the use of mobile devices is increasingly making its way into our lives, education and work. This affects people in the business environment, administrative staff, but also teachers and children in schools.

Our goal is for everyone, regardless of location, to be able to network digitally and do their work efficiently with the right tools. This requires sustainable solutions for the distribution of hardware such as smartphones and tablets, the configuration of these devices and the provision of content and apps with "Privacy by Design".

The Challenge

Different devices with different operating systems each have their own intricacies. With this multitude of possibilities and functions, manual administration quickly results in considerable effort. There is also the risk of users setting up their smartphone or tablet incompletely or incorrectly. Without sensible configuration, devices are usually not protected against improper use or data misuse. Our goal is to get users started quickly and easily with devices that are as completely preconfigured as possible while providing a personalized and secure user experience.

The Solution

With this vision in mind, Relution was born. As Mobile Device Management (MDM), our product enables companies and educational institutions to centrally manage all mobile devices. In addition to apps and content from the public app stores, internal apps can also be made available on mobile devices via our Enterprise App Store (EAS) without the need for fixed device management. Especially for companies, the integrated Mobile App Management (MAM) maps the entire app lifecycle - from app development to release and target group-specific delivery to users.

Particularly with regard to the administrative and educational context, data protection is a decisive criterion for protecting sensitive data. Therefore, our servers are located exclusively in Germany and the application works completely without external user IDs.

For better use of tablets in school lessons, we offer a special solution to ensure that for the period of the lesson only the relevant apps, content and functions are available on the student devices that are actually needed. This enables interactive learning without distraction and at the same time promotes media competence of the students.

Critical success factors include ease of use, the reliability of the system used, compatibility with various end-devices and different operating systems and their versions, and integration with third-party systems such as identity management or school server solutions.

The Process

The product idea was born from our original passion - app development. In the course of many app projects, our customers' have asked for a release and distribution process for their apps in order to make them available to users on their devices. After some initial trials, a product team was formed and the first versions and features were outlined. It was always of central importance to understand the application scenarios and needs of the end users and to incorporate these into the specification.

Today, we implement different requirements and innovative optimizations in an agile development process. From requirements analysis to requirement engineering, UX design, development, quality assurance and roll-out, our team works every day with passion to make Relution a better product. For this purpose, we usually issue a new release every three weeks and provide native apps for Android and iOS or our server solution as Java package or docker image for on-premise installations and as SaaS cloud solution.



  • Customers
  • Over 1.200 satisfied customers from the economy and education
  • User
  • Over 200.000 securely managed Android and iOS devices
  • 2010 - now
  • Technologies
  • Java Spring Boot / Docker, MariaDB / MySQL / Oracle / MSSQL, Angular, Swift / Java / Flutter

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